Congratulation to everyone who took part in 2012

The Grand Final Winners of 2012 are Directions Performing Arts Choir

The Runners up are Lil Shakes, and Richie Basset
(pictured below from left to right)

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The Grand Final Winners & Runners Up

About the Talent Show!

Ross Friday and partnerThe local answer to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’; The ‘Gimme a BREAK!’ Talent Show was originally created by a Kent couple (pictured right) as a one-off charity event to help local causes whilst offering an opportunity for the county’s musicians, dancers, actors, magicians, bands, and singers to perform on a professional stage. Now having just finished its fourth successive year, the show continues to grow with applicants from across the UK.

Having caught the attention of high profile companies such as Asda and PG Pro who have supported the initiative and helped raise thousands of pounds for local charities, Ross (the show's creator) is hopeful that the surprise success will continue, and has booked a larger venue for this year to make this year's show even better than before.

Not everyone gets the chance to perform on a real stage in front of a live audience, and as Ross himself has experienced hard it can be to get a break he created a show that is open to all, regardless of experience or funding.

The variety of acts is important to Ross, and he is certain this is a major element of the show’s appeal saying that “We have literally welcomed performers with an age range of three to seventy-eight, some performing for the very first time, and others who are hoping the show will raise their profile”. This is proven to work, with previous contestants landing leading roles in shows like ‘Annie’, and others performing live on radio as a direct result.

Previous Talent Show Winners


Winner - MIGHT-E
Runners Up - Rosie Pennie, Steve & Rheanna

Winner - First Avenue

Winner - Tom Cross